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About IOSH Managing Safely Course

Accredited by the globally respected Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), this 3 day program is tailored for managers, supervisors & other competent professional worldwide that helps gain a comprehensive understanding of health and safety principles, legal compliance, and risk management.

The flexible new high impact programme covers all the main health and safety issues.

This course is aimed to elevate team’s professional growth and meet employer responsibilities with IOSH Managing Safely®️ accreditation. This sought-after certification not only supports employees’ ongoing professional development but also fulfills their duty to provide effective training & keeping proactive approach to workplace safety.

Managing Safely Course Overview


1. Introducing Managing Safely
  • Overview of health and safety responsibilities
  • Importance of a proactive approach to safety
2. Assessing risks
  • Principles of risk assessment.
  • Practical application of risk assessment in the workplace
3. Controlling risks
  • Strategies for controlling and mitigating workplace risks.
  • Implementation of effective risk control measures.
4. Understanding your responsibilities
  • Understanding relevant health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
5. Identifying hazards
  • Recognition and identification of workplace hazards.
  • Methods for assessing and addressing potential risks.
6. Investigating accidents and incidents
  • Techniques for investigating accidents and incidents.
  • Root cause analysis and preventive measures.
7. Measuring performance
  • Evaluation of participants through assessments, quizzes, and a final examination.
  • Practical assessment of skills gained during the course.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course, learners will be equipped to:

  • Understand their responsibilities for safety in the workplace.
  • Recognise common workplace hazards and implement appropriate control measures.
  • Learn to estimate, evaluate, and effectively reduce risks by employing a structured hierarchy of risk control measures

Course Assessment

The IOSH Managing Safely exam is composed by two parts:

  • 30 multiple-choice written assessment (true or false or one-word open questions), which lasts 45 minutes.
  • Risk Assessment project, which must be completed within 14 days from the end of the course.

To achieve the qualification, participants must successfully pass both sections of the course

Learning options

3 learning types available

Virtual Classroom️

  • Structured learning with access to E-learning materials
  • Interact live with your tutor and other students
  • Exams included

Classroom learning️

  • A focused, tutor-led course away from the workplace
  • Lunch and refreshments included
  • Study with fellow professionals
  • Exams included


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  • Study alongside colleagues and learn together
  • Choose from classroom or virtual learning from home
  • Tailored course content to your workplace

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Our Certifications

IOSH Leading Safely®️
IOSH Leading Safely®️
IOSH Leading Safely®️

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    Noel Campbell
    Noel Campbell
    We have worked with Bravanark Network for a few years and they are our go-to provider for all our health and safety requirements. They are always on hand to provide high-level professional services and with their wealth of experience and good value for money, we would highly recommend them.
    Simon Fisher
    Simon Fisher
    Excellent level of service, quick to respond to questions and queries and very professional in everything they have assisted us with.
    Manocher Asaadi
    Manocher Asaadi
    Bravanark Network Ltd have been our external H&S advisors since 2006 and Philip Vandenburg in particular has been helping us with our H&S Policy and Arrangements document. Philip has always prompt in updating our documentations and providing timely alerts on regular basis.
    andrew heslington
    andrew heslington
    Have been looked after by the Bravanark team now for many years. Fantastic service always and also available to answer any questions very quickly.
    Caroline Empson-Ridler
    Caroline Empson-Ridler
    As a business we felt our expertise in the field of Health & Safety was sadly lacking therefore we enlisted the help of Bravernack, in particular our account manager Philip, who has been guiding us for over 3 years - we are far more confident we are compliant in this field now!
    David Delahunty
    David Delahunty
    We have been using Bravanark as our H&S consultancy for a number of years and intend to remain with them for the foreseeable. Philip is a fantastic individual with a high level of H&S knowledge across many sectors. Highly recommended.
    Dolsten De souza
    Dolsten De souza
    I recently engaged with Bravanark Network LTD for their health and safety services, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. Their team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise in every aspect of their service. From conducting thorough risk assessments to implementing comprehensive safety protocols, they ensured that our workplace was not only compliant with regulations but also genuinely safe for everyone. Their attention to detail and dedication to excellence truly set them apart. I highly recommend Bravanark Network Ltd.
    Manoj Pal
    Manoj Pal
    The IOSh Managing Safely virtual training was a game-changer for me. Comprehensive content delivered in an engaging manner. It equipped me with practical skills to ensure workplace safety. I Highly recommend to anyone in a managerial role!
    Vijendra Singh
    Vijendra Singh
    Attending the IOSh Managing Safely course was a pivotal decision for me. The course content was rich in real-world examples, making complex concepts easy to understand. The trainers were highly experienced and provided invaluable insights. I now feel confident in my ability to identify and mitigate workplace risks effectively. A must for anyone serious about workplace safety!
    Carol Hibbins
    Carol Hibbins
    Worked with Phil for a number of years. Very happy with service provided. Always ready to help and very knowledgeable.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Bravanark Network is committed to guarantee safety to staff members, students and others. This includes taking reasonable steps to protect them from coronavirus (COVID-19).

    Before the course, we verify individuals who are required to self-isolate do not attend the training. We usually take large rooms to allow the students maintain social distancing. Moreover, we fully support good hand hygiene, face coverings and other preventive measures as per guidance from the government in order to effectively reduce risks and create an inherently safer environment.

    Working safely is a course designed for employees of any sector which provides the basic Health and Safety knowledge.

    Managing Safely provides knowledge of the health and safety responsibilities and it’s designed for management people, such as Managers or Supervisors.

    While Managing Safely course is a full course, Managing Safely Refresher is just un update of the first one which should be taken every three years.

    To get access to Managing Safely Refresher, you must first have passed the Managing Safely course.

    We decide the location of the course approximately 2 weeks before the course’s date. This because it depends from the number of candidates and from which part of England they are from

    To attend an IOSH course and successfully pass the exam at the end, you will just the course’s book. This will be handled to you on the first day of the course and it is included in the price.

    The teacher will tell you the date to expect your results on the day of your exam.

    Once the risk assessment has been checked by the trainer, it will be verified by IOSH team. Therefore, the issue of the certificate might take up to 10 weeks from the date of completion of the practical risk assessment.

    The certificate does not expire, but ideally you should take a refresher course every three years.

    Every IOSH course provided by Bravanark, includes:

    • Book
    • Certification
    • Meals