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What Is IOSH?

IOSH stands for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

IOSH is the UK-based Chartered body for Health & Safety professionals, committed to creating a world of work which is safe, healthy and sustainable.

It is the largest Health & Safety organization in the world and, because of that, every year over 160,000 people take their courses.


What is IOSH training?

IOSH training courses are destined to employees and employers in all sectors, who wants to gain an understanding of Health & Safety responsibilities in workplace.

Bravanark’s IOSH courses combine theoretical and practical training, ensuring the complete comprehension of the topics covered.


Why do I need an IOSH certification?

Upon successful completion of the course, students are awarded a certificate from IOSH.

Earning an IOSH qualification provides the holder with knowledge and skills that organisations and employers demand, ensuring that health and safety practices in their workplace are current and well managed.

Moreover, IOSH certifications offers greater credibility and advantage to anyone holding or seeking a managerial or supervisory position.


Why take the live course?

Live courses allow the teachers to use variety of techniques such as role-playing, exercises and games to enhance the learning experience.

Despite the convenience of online trainings, in-person courses give you the opportunity to share ideas with one another face-to-face and expand your network.

As IOSH trainings provide you with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, it is surely worth it to attend them in person, in order to gain a better understanding of the subjects covered.

IOSH Managing Safely

Managing Safely is a course for managers and supervisors in any sector and any organisation. It’s designed to give managers all they need to know to help them handle health and safety in their teams.
The flexible new high impact programme covers all the main health and safety issues, and includes a session tackling the environment too.
This course is aimed at all personnel with responsibility for Managing Health and Safety in the workplace.

Duration: 3 days                      Modules: 7

IOSH Working Safely

Working Safely course enables people who work as part of a team to meet their responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace. It provides a basic risk management health and safety certificate for employees.

Duration: 1 day        Modules: 4

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

The Managing Safely Refresher course is an opportunity to refresh the key parts of Managing Safely.

It is for delegates who have already completed the full Managing Safely course. Delegates get to refresh their knowledge on the key parts of the full course by relating them to a Plan-Do-Check-Act safety and health management system, with leadership at the heart of it all.

Duration: 1 day

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