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  • We are accredited trainers for the IOSH.

  • Health and Safety Support Service Provider 2018 – UK

Bravanark’s Pledge


Bravanark Network Ltd. strives at all times to achieve the following:

  • Delivery of a written quotation within 7 working days of the invitation to submit a proposal.
  • Delivery of a welcome pack within 7 working days of the receipt of the completed “Acceptance of Quotation/Agreement”.
  • Contact by your lead consultant within 7 working days of your service commencement date or receipt of your first instalment (whichever is the earliest).
  • Provision of site-visit/audit/gap-analysis report/s within 21 working days of Bravanark Network Ltd visiting your premises.
  • Our consultants are often unable to take your telephone call due to client demands and/or training commitments but we promise to return your call within 4 hours of receiving a message.
  • Our consultants often visit clients and are therefore unable to respond to your emails immediately.  You will receive an ‘out of office’ reply from your consultant who will respond to your email enquiry within 4 hours of returning to the office.
  • Bravanark Network Ltd staff will at all times deal with your organisation and its officers in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Bravanark Network Ltd will make every effort to allocate the same consultant to the delivery of your whole contract but there will be times that an alternative consultant may be required in order for us to deliver our promised service.  Bravanark Network Ltd will ensure that all consultants are suitably qualified and competent to deliver our service to you.

If you feel Bravanark Network Ltd is falling short of delivering these pledges, then please let us know at your earliest convenience.

June 2022