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HSE SAFETY ALERT issued 15 August 2023

HSE has issued a safety alert after evidence from an investigation of a fatal incident revealed concerns with the BendPak XPR series two-post lifts.

HSE safety alert- bendpak XPRBendPak XPR series two-post vehicle lifts: risk of major incident
HSE has issued a safety alert warning users and suppliers of potential problems with BendPak XPR series two-post vehicle lift arm restraints.

The concern centres around lifts where the arm restraint gear is bolted to the lift. Some lifts have been found to have the wrong class of bolts in use, the bolts do not meet the required strength standard increasing the risk of a major incident.

The HSE alert sets out the actions users and suppliers should take to rectify any potential problems with BendPak XPR two-post vehicle lifts associated with the incorrect restraining mechanism.

Users/suppliers are also reminded of a previous HSE alerts issued in 2018 regarding the securing of the restraint gear. Read other news What are employers’ responsibilities to staff after an accident?

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