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Are you covered for fires?

Fires can cause serious damage to people and places. About half of workplace fires are caused deliberately and about half of them are caused by things such as electrical faults, careless smokers and the misuse of tools that have naked flames.

Fire demands three things:

Heat (source of ignition)



Take one of these components away and a fire cannot survive or start.


According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, your company premises must reach the required standards and employees must be provided with adequate fire safety training.

To support you in meeting these requirements and prevent fire risks, Bravanark Network can conduct a level 1 or more intrusive assessment of your premises. Our team will identify any hazards that may cause and/or contribute to a fire, advise you on how to remove them and provide you with trainings to equip your workforce to deal with fire emergencies.

Do you need Fire Risk Assessment?

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