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What is a Safety Audit?

Safety audits are essential to the wellbeing of your workforce.

The audit is an independent report which ensure your business compliance with current health & safety regulations, assessing your overall performance and  how seriously you are following processes.

The report may also serve as a starting point for a more comprehensive service as its findings will form the basis of a structured approach to health & safety in your workplace.

Health and Safety have a crucial impact on workforce motivation and morale and they represent two essential requirements to create a high performing and sustainable business. Indeed, every company should dispose of formal procedures for auditing and reporting health and safety performance.

Bravanark Network support your business ensuring not only compliance, but also future risk assessment, management and mitigation. Following the audit, we will produce a confidential, written report identifying the correct procedures your company has implemented and the ones which need to be changed in order to be compliant with current health & safety law.

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