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Circulation Spaces

Is it safe to get around your building or premises?

Healthcare buildings that are intended to be safe, accessible and fit for purpose have to respect specific requirements for circulation spaces.

Circulation spaces are corridors, internal lobbies, internal stairs, lifts, handrails and doors that allow for the circulation of general traffic within a department. When considering circulation routes you might think about all the spaces people have to negotiate once they are on-site to get around your building or premises.

To make your circulation spaces safer, you may reconsider:

  • General design (visual and colour contrast, wall and floor finishes, access and security, etc.)
  • Corridors width, obstructions, lightning and security
  • Internal lobbies size and lightning
  • Internal stairs height, landings, handrails and ramps
  • Lifts size, finishes and lightning
  • Handrails shape, size, clearance and provisions
  • Doors opening width, furniture and handles


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